Monday, July 30, 2012

Immature Common Yellowthroat

It was just yesterday that I was saying I haven't seen a Common Yellowthroat yet this year. With that thought in the back of my mind, I headed toward Cape Spear on Blackhead Road. There were no birds zipping around, so I just stopped at a few random places along the road.  I figured if there were alders, there might be warblers.
On my third stop, I spotted a bright yellow "popping" between the leaves that hid the body. It was just the color of yellow I was looking for. Trust me, I took many blurred and partial images before I got these.  The Common Yellowthroat will stay around a while, but it seems to be camera shy.

Complicating matters was this little Wilson's Warbler. Every time I saw yellow, my eye and my camera moved in that direction. The Wilson's was not making things easier.
Compound this with buses, vans and motorcycles whizzing by, each time scaring the bird deeper into the woods
Slowly the Common Yellowthroat would work itself back toward me. Pursuing this bird is really enjoyable. Every time I have seen one, it is the same cat-and-mouse game, but I always seem to come away with some record of the sighting.
 Aside from that, I don't see this bird very often, and this bird's nature to stay around for a long time makes this a challenge worth the effort.

 Now, let me see....oh, I haven't seen a Yellow-crowned Night Heron yet this year.

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