Friday, July 6, 2012

Spotted Sandpiper Gender Differences

It was just a few days ago that I posted pictures of a Spotted Sandpiper from Second Pond. I was wondering if it were a male or female. When I went in search of the differences between the gender of the Spotted Sandpiper, all I found is that males and females are quite similar except the female has larger spots. That description is tricky unless there are one of each right before you.
On Monday, I saw this Spotted in Renews.  It was quite a distance away and the pictures are not very good, but they do show a spotted with much different spots/streaks.  The spots are so big they seem to run together. 
When looking at the pictures posted last week and the new set shared above, I think it is most likely the bird at Second Pond is a male and the one pictured above is the female.
Last year on July 7, another birder and I came upon three beautiful baby Spotted Sandpipers in Cape Broyle. It is prime time right now to find some of the tiny little birds hidden in plain sight on the beaches.  Look closely - try to identify the female Spotted and spot tiny little fluffs floating across the shoreline.

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