Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Quality Time with an American Wigeon

What do I do when I go to see a bird that doesn't show up on cue?  I make the most of the birds that are around.  Such was the case with a pair of American Wigeon who paraded around near the Sora site.
These are really great looking ducks, but I have never gotten any good shots of them, despite many efforts.  The light color on their head often washes really white and the dark around the eye often fades out the eye.
At least on this overcast day, I did get some definition around the head and face of this bird. Wigeons tend to return to the city area in late fall and stay around awhile.  It was recently reported that there were over 30 spotted in a pond in Paradise.
 It time permits and conditions are right, I could easily sit for a long time watching the behaviour of the wigeons and snap lots of pictures along the way.
It's not necessary to wait for the rare bird to show up to enjoy birding on most any day!

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