Monday, February 25, 2013

Pink-footed Goose Growing Tame

It has been nearly four months since our Pink-footed Goose came to visit. He definitely seems quite at home as he is mixing well with the other pool-dwellers at Bowring Park. He even joins in to enjoy the feed delivered regularly by bird lovers about town.

There have been several reports of Pink-footed Geese in Connecticut, Massachusetts and other hotspots along the east coast. However, none seem to be adapting to a human habitat as well as ours.

 Over the last few months, I have been looking at pictures of the PFG posted by birders sighting these other birds.
No pictures so far uploaded from these areas compare to those generated here in St. John's. The reason really has little to do with the photo talents here, but rather with the approachability to this rare guest. PFG are known to be timid and will quickly retreat when approached by humans.

This bird has provided another special dimension to visiting Bowring. Even non-birders are excited to see this guy. I have observed many people walking circles around the pool in the hopes of seeing this bird.

 How much longer will this goose stay with us? Nature's pull will surely have an effect on him. As the temps gradually begin to warm up over the weeks ahead and the days get longer, will he just up and go? That is very likely. When April rolls around, it will probably return to its breeding grounds in either Greenland, Iceland or Svalbard. Time is growing short for us to enjoy this particular bird.
 Nevertheless, it has been quite a privilege to host this special bird for so long. Another opportunity like this may never occur.
Notice how the beak is color matched to the feet. Is it possible these will brighten up even more with the on-set of Spring?

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