Friday, February 15, 2013

One Lonely Common Redpoll

 Until February 7, I had only seen one small flock of Common Redpoll in St. John's, and that was in 2011. To my disappointment, last year offered no opportunity at all to view them.  So, I consider myself very lucky to have watched this lone Common Redpoll that showed up at a feeder in town about a week ago and stayed for only a couple of hours.
These pictures taken through a window don't really show how lovely this little bird is. Every now and then the sun would catch the red cap, and it was "bedazzling."

I had hopes that we were about to experience a large influx of these birds move into the area, since there have been numerous reports of sizable flocks in West and Central Newfoundland. While it did seem they were moving our way, all of the crazy wind must have caught them up and blew them back where they came from.

For now, I am quite happy having had the chance to see this one. However,  I would do a happy dance, if a large flock and maybe even a Hoary Redpoll would blow into town!

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