Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Family of Red Crossbills

 A family of Red Crossbill has been seen regularly in Blackhead. On most any given day, they can be located around the cemetery area.
 The plentiful crop of cones seems to be drawing a number of finches to the area. The Pine Siskin are busily working the tree tops as are the Pine Grosbeak. The grosbeak are also quickly claiming the few ripe berries.
 Goldfinch and Purple Finch are also a mainstay in the area. It is unfortunate the culvert replacement project is going on at this time of the year. Unless it is finished quickly, it will certainly negatively impact the potential sightings of vagrants in this usually fruitful area.
 This is my first time to see an immature Red Crossbill. Each year I continue to stack sighting and sounds to my memory bank. Seasons come and go so quickly, it is the year-over-year experience that has been the most beneficial in the learning process.
Also noted is the return of the Golden-crowned Kinglet. I have seen about six so far.

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