Monday, September 14, 2015

Three-Vireo Day!

 When Ethel Dempsey and I entered the La Manche Trail Road yesterday morning, it did not look very hopeful. Very few birds were moving around. We hit a small group of warblers, but didn't see anything of interest. We went on to the trail parking lot where we only saw about 6 birds...3 of them were vireos.
 The fog was so heavy and with the exception of the Blue-headed Vireo, the birds were not cooperating. I got three bad snaps of the Red-eyed Vireo and didn't identify it on the spot.
Then, somewhere in the mix, the Yellow-throated Vireo jumped into the picture. I had been seeing a Black-throated Green Warbler from time to time, so I didn't pause when I saw a bird with yellow....I just took a picture. I was really surprised. At first, I thought this shot must have been taken along the road, but the time stamp on the shot puts it right in the middle of the vireo zone.... the parking lot.

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