Friday, September 18, 2015

Philadelphia Vireo on Bear Cove Point Road

 With a little help from my friend, my trusty camera, I can add another bird to the great list of birds seen on September 13 in Renews. I mentioned earlier, I suspected many good birds to be in the large flock Ethel Dempsey and I happened upon last Sunday on Bear Cove Point Road.
 The large flock evaded us very quickly, but not before I managed to zero in on one different one among the flock. While none of these photos are good, they are enough for an identification - Philadelphia Vireo. It took me a couple of days to get around to looking at all of my shots from that day. For two days, I poured over my beach images looking for a shot of the Little Stint.
Then, I checked the woods shots. Once I found this one, I thought it might be a Philadelphia Vireo because of its unbarred wings and the light yellow on its underparts. A Tennessee Warbler, similar, would have shown more white underneath. I have spent a couple of days getting confirmation.

Birding with a quick camera is value-added. When a bird gets away so quickly, it is impossible to be sure of its identification with the naked eye. A camera provides additional detail and much-needed evidence to confirm the sighting. How could I get along without it?

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