Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Nice Birds

 For birders, it's the most wonderful time of the year. High winds that swirl around Newfoundland work in our favor during migration, bringing in a variety of vagrants for our viewing pleasure..
 Ethel D. found this bright Prairie Warbler in the woods along the side of the road before Renews.
 It is such a special feeling when a great bird pops up out of nowhere. We were facing the opposite direction when Ethel heard the sound behind us. I wonder how long it was there watching us.
These next two shots provide a pretty good view of the Prairie's tail, often not seen because of the focus on the bright yellow belly.

 Further up Highway 10, there is a side road through cabin country. That area has been productive in this past.
 Even though it wasn't very "birdy" this week, we did manage to see a Palm Warbler. Palms seem to find our shores during both spring and fall migration.
 In Bear Cove pit, Allison Mews and Ed Hayden came upon this nice Blue Grosbeak. This is not a bird I see every year.
This one was pretty calm and intent on eating and did not pay much attention to us. It seemed to be pulling flies out of the plants.

Great birds continue to pop up, seemingly out of nowhere.

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