Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Surprise of the Day: Chimney Swift

 Like any hardy Newfoundland birder, Ethel Dempsey, Alison Mews and I headed to Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve yesterday in pursuit of the possible Pacific Golden Plover seen earlier at that location.
 The balmy 10 degrees centigrade, nor the gentle breeze of 50 km Easterly gusts couldn't stop us from walking the mile out to "the rock." As usual it was bustling with activity which I will share in a future posts.
 The sweetest find of the day actually occurred in Branch where Alison spotted a dark, swallow-like bird. Determined to get a shot to secure an ID of this bird sent me rushing this way and that at the whim of the flighty little bird.
Deleting many blurry images and focusing on the silhouette captures as well as a little detail in this last shot, we were able to identify this bird with a short tail, stubby body and short beak to be a Chimney Swift. What a great surprise!

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