Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lake Emerald

 During this time of the year, our breeding, woodland birds are quite busy with their young. That makes the woods very quiet, but makes for an ideal time to turn my attention to another curiosity....the dragonfly. I have created a new page above called Dragonfly and Damselfly Checklist. I am rushing to get this in order so that anyone interested can use this resource to enhance their viewing experience this summer. As I upload posts on dragonflies and damselflies, I will link the checklist to the post. That means there are a number of related posts to come over the next little while.

Dragonflies are beginning to show up now, but not in big numbers. Nevertheless, it is good to look them over now as different species appear at different times, just like birds. These images of a Lake Emerald were taken last July 19 in Goulds. It is one of the easier species to identify. I am quickly learning the identification of insects is even more challenging than bird identification.

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