Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birding Goulds in Late August

 Splashes of color filled the woods in Goulds on Sunday morning.
 Many of these shots need no commentary. Hope you can enjoy them almost as much as I did while on the spot.
 This odd looking brown bird was sitting on a branch near at Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. While it is probably an immature sparrow of some sort, there were several confusing aspects of the bird.
 Its color was pale, the beak seems large, and the tail is notched. Its breast is not streaked and wing bars are not really evident. My best guess on this is a White-throated Sparrow, but I'm not convinced. Hopefully, it can be identified.

 This immature Mourning Warbler was the highlight of the birds I saw. It was along the side of Power's Road. I thought there were two, and as I compare the pictures, I think these are two different birds.

 I tried to turn it into something more exotic, but the broken eye ring can only mean Mourning Warbler.
 Ruby-crowned Kinglets are plentiful this year. I have seen many, many of them along the way.

 I think this is an immature Swam Sparrow based on the reddish tail.

It is important to enjoy all of these little birds now, because they will surely disappear soon.

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