Monday, August 18, 2014

Female American Redstart

 After a long, dry spell of no birding, I headed to Renews on August 6. Not finding my target bird at Renews Beach, I headed to the woods to see what might turn up.
 I was very pleased to have this opportunity to see an female American Redstart.
While there are often numerous redstarts around, it is not always easy to see them well.
 They tend to pop out for a second and head back into the woods where it is often only possible to see a flicker of their movements.
At this time of the year, a birder is rarely going to go home empty-handed. This flurry of migratory activity may last for the next several weeks and then....well, it will be pretty quiet again.

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  1. I saw one today. I was looking for them because I had a good rapport with them last year. I heard them but they weren’t popping out like they sometimes do. I decided to lay down and a female came into the tree about my head to sing to me and hop around the spring buds