Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eastern Kingbird...Briefly

On Monday the 25th, I got a brief glimpse of an Eastern Kingbird near Blackhead. Ironically, I had walked over 4 km in search of anything unusual. I turned up nothing. On my way home, I took one last turn through Blackhead, only to find it very quiet.
As I was driving out of the community, I spotted this large bird sitting atop a tree in the distance. It just wasn't the shape of a robin. I took a couple of pictures that didn't show anything.

Driving across the road, I was able to get this shot through the passenger-side window. I had a record shot, so I hurried to park my car and rushed back to better see the bird. It was gone. I had to wait until I got home to scrutinize the photo as I couldn't pick anything out on my camera. There it was, complete with a red crown, an Eastern Kingbird. A thorough check of the area yesterday turned up nothing. Where did it go? Two years ago, I found two such birds sitting on a wire in Maddox Cove. Maybe it went "thataway."

Yesterday, I found birds off Blackhead Road to be less prevalent. However, when I did find flocks, there were plenty of birds together. I saw an interesting bird between Blackhead and the top of the hill. I was able to have about a 5 second look, but twigs prevented my camera from focusing. Then, it flew. The bird was alone, looked like a relatively small flycatcher, but the color was a dark brown, seemingly ruling out one of the common flycatchers. I fought my way through a very rough trail into the woods searching for it with no luck. Maybe it will turn up again.

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