Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ruby-throated Hummingbird - Male

 At last! For several years I have been unsuccessfully chasing Ruby-throated Hummingbirds on the Avalon. I have received reports of sightings on Exeter Ave., St. John's; Hennessey Road, Goulds; Ferryland; Marine Drive; and two in CBS. Time and time again, I dipped - until yesterday when I had an opportunity to see this great little male in Logy Bay. I tried to view this bird on Sunday and waited for over an hour. I concluded this was going to be another dip on the Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
 Thanks to the Kirby's for sharing the find and welcoming visitors to visit their lovely yard to watch for the bird.
 As soon as I saw Les Sweetapple's report of its presence yesterday, I rushed back to Logy Bay. (Rushed was what I wanted to do, but in reality it was rush-hour, and it was impossible to get from Portugal Cove Road to Logy Bay in a timely manner.)
 When I arrived, I sat and began the wait. I looked up and down and all around. I had a jerk reaction at every fly, bee and dragonfly that flew by. I waited.
 Then out from around the side of the house, in flew this welcome sight. He came in and landed in the tree above the feeder. Right on time, a huge jet flew overhead, and this tiny little bird headed for cover.
 I was very hopeful. Obviously, it came to eat, and it didn't get a chance. It would come back.
 In under five minutes it returned. Quite undaunted by people, hummingbirds will go to the feeder no matter who is around. They just don't like planes.
 Staying for a few minutes only, it flew away again. I waited for a short time for its return.
It fed some more and then flitted into a tree on the edge of the yard. The shots taken above show the bird sitting in a tree. It was not easy to find as it was tucked in among the branches. Lucky for me, there was a ray of sunshine breaking through the branches. It fed one more time before I left. I had never seen this species in Newfoundland, and needless to say, I went home happy.

To see the female of the species, please visit my 2010 post at http://retiringwithlisadeleon.blogspot.ca/2010/08/ruby-throated-hummingbird.html

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