Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bird Tour Highlights

 Over the years, I have been on all of the bird tours offered around the Witless Bay area. Yesterday topped them all. My family and I went on Mullowney's tours and it was absolutely the best for viewing the birds on the island. The skipper was able to get the boat within five feet of the island and it was amazing. As usual, the area was teeming with birds. Yet, out of all the pictures I took, I only ended up with one baby bird. This little Black-legged Kittiwake was a standout.
 Hoping, but not really expecting, to see some shearwaters, I was excited to see the first one fly by.
 However, I was not expecting the numbers of Greater Shearwaters that pranced around the boat and whales throughout most of the trip.
 The handsome pair above sat calmly on the water while others other skipped over the water with ease.

 At last, I was able to capture a couple of shots with a side view. Most images were of the shearwaters scurrying away from the boat as we approached.
 This one turned out to be my favorite bird of the day.
Another lucky treat was to get a look at this lone Northern Fulmar perched atop a rock on the island. With all of the thousands of birds around, it was a miracle to find this one.

More to come later.

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