Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ruddy Duck

 Well, here we go! The new birds are beginning to arrive and the familiar ones are returning. It has been an exciting couple of days for birding the Avalon.

Word went out that a Ruddy Duck had appeared at Quidi Vidi Lake (the miracle lake.) At first the Ruddy Duck was staying off shore and who knew how long it might extend its stay. So, despite the cold wind, I knew I would probably stay out in it hoping to get a good look and then some good pictures.
 The good look presented no problems as the Ruddy Duck was moving closer and closer to shore. It would doze off and drift in, then wake up and move out again. Now, getting the good pictures .... there's the rub!

 I find myself lined off with other photographers armed with 400 to 500 mm lenses and extenders to boot. There I am with my simple little camera with a 70 to 300 mm lens trying to do what the "big guns" are doing.

Nevertheless, I love the challenge and do not want to give up trying to get memorable shots to review and share. I shoot way too many pictures but that works for me because a lot of them turn out to be pure junk. Then, hidden among them are usually a few fair shots that I don't mind sharing. I do feel like I have to work harder and the truth is that I am still learning the many setting to try to counter balance the ever-changing cloud, sun, snow and whatever that constantly complicates the process.  It is pretty frustrating when you just get everything set for the bright sun and then a dark cloud rolls
over just when the bird is

doing something special.

The Ruddy Duck is a great looking bird with its rusty color and his distinct blue bill. It's tail feathers are often perked up making for a very interesting little duck. It seems to have settled in and may be around for a while.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention .... this is a new life bird for me.

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