Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bufflehead - QV

 This little female Bufflehead put in appearances at Quidi Vidi Lake off and on throughout the winter. I tried taking pictures at that time but had no luck. Finally, on March 28 ( a sunny day, I should add) I found her busily swimming about in the open water near the Rennie's River outflow.
This little duck is so small and so busy that it is difficult to catch it by itself and in a favourable light. But, this day was different. It seemed more tame and stayed closer to the shoreline.
I watched in surprise when it flew with the rest of the ducks to get a share of some seeds being scattered by another bird lover. It seems right at home with the more tame birds that frequent this area.
Now that Spring is here, will she move on to reconnect with other Buffleheads or, better yet, will a male Bufflehead come to QV to take her away.  These kinds of questions are what keep birders going back to QV Lake - over and over. Most often there is something new and engaging for the aficionados.

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