Friday, April 29, 2011

Misc. Birds from the Last Week

 If you have ever come upon a Horned Lark on the side of the road, you already know that it is impossible to get the car along side them without them flying. I had just seconds to grab the camera from the back seat and try to capture this shot. My camera was set for the high, high pictures (against a strong back light) of the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Pale as it is, this shot is more clear than the ones I posted earlier from Cape St. Mary's. This lark was on the St. Shott's road.
The Evening Grosbeak is still frequenting some feeders just outside St. John's. On this day I saw about 8 that flushed when I pulled up. I waited and watched for more than an hour and only two females returned to the feeder. At least two males and other females hid in a close by tree but never showed themselves well. The males were looking particularly bright.
Our Ruddy Duck is still at Quidi Vidi Lake. It has been here a long time. Because of the increased walking traffic around the lake brought on by better weather and the Spring Break, the Ruddy Duck seems to have moved away from the West end of the lake and is staying farther from shore.
The Purple Finch are increasing their presence at feeders over the last two weeks. The males are looking especially brilliant. Their rosy color almost sparkles in the sunlight, but not this day as it was raining.

Bird activity is definitely picking up and within a few weeks we should begin to see more sparrows followed by the onslaught of many varieties of warblers. I can hardly wait.

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