Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quidi Vidi Lake - A Potpourri of Photo Opportunities

 Any time of the day, any day of the week there are many species of birds milling about Quidi Vidi Lake. At this time of the year the best areas for viewing are the outflows from the Rennie's Mill and Virginia Rivers. These areas don't freeze and the birds regularly congregate there to bathe and preen.

Along side all of these different birds are almost as many spectators and photographers. Is it any wonder when you look at this great little male Tufted Duck?
 His tuft is so well defined that it almost looks like it has been braided. This one has adapted well to Newfoundland and has been seen "copying ice pans," a local children's game of copying each other as they jump from one free-floating ice pan to another.
It is not easy to stay focused on one bird as hundreds are flying by, landing, diving or just preening on shore. This Herring Gull caught my attention as it flew right in front of me. My camera now seems to just automatically turn to the action and begin firing off shots.

On this particular day, like most, the Rock Doves line off on the back of benches, on the bridge railing or even on my car door.

One sure way to stir up all the sitting birds on the shoreline is to get out of the car with a bag of some sort. They are conditioned by the sight of a bag to think food is coming. They swarm the bag holder and fight for their share of the delivery.

It is a never-ending show at Quidi Vidi and it is no surprise that many people make this spot a daily destination to  keep city life in balance with the human need to experience the wonder of nature. For many there really is no greater distraction.

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