Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eye to Eye with an Eagle Eye

Yesterday's birding trip was a great success! Some would questions: "Oh, you got all of your target birds?"  My answer would have to be "No, none of them." So how can a birding trip be a great success if you didn't find anything that you are looking for? That is easy: For me a successful birding trip means good company, good weather and lots of birds. We had all that!
 All of the expected birds were seen and a few different ones. We saw the largest flock of American Goldfinch that I have ever seen. We found the European Starling to be much lighter in color than usual (must be a Spring thing.) We saw a Song Sparrow, American Robins, Guillimot, Great Cormorants, Common Mergansers, Common Goldeneye, a Kingfisher, Bufflehead, Evening Grosbeak, Bald Eagles, a Ringed-neck Duck, American and Eurasian Wigeons, and of course plenty of American Black Duck, Mallards and seagulls.
 It was going on to about 4:30 in Spaniard's Bay when two beautiful adult Bald Eagles quite unexpectedly showed up for the evening meal. The shear size and look of them is enough to stop time. With a little maneuvering and some quick shooting, I was able to get a few pictures before they flew off, one-by-one.
It is a pretty awesome experience to look a Bald Eagle in the eye and then....have it look right back at ya! I'm glad that I don't come in meal size.

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