Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 While it is no doubt the aim at this time of the year to seek out rare birds just passing through, it is still a joy to see the other common or uncommon birds in our midst.
 These great birds showed up along the way yesterday as I birded Blackhead Road and area.

 It is strange and interesting at the same time. On several occasions I have found one Common Grackle in this area. Wonder why it is alone... When observing this bird, he was without doubt the king of the feeder. Even the Blue Jays kept a respectful distance until it left.
 This look at a Ruffed Grouse was the best one I have had this year. It is said they don't like getting their feathers wet. As a result, they will often show up on the roads when the trees and brush are dripping.

 I haven't seen as many Red-eyed Vireos this year as in previous years, so it is always worth taking the time to look them over well when one appears.

All in all, add these birds to the TWO Black-throated Blue Warblers of yesterday, and that was a good day of birding.

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