Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Palm Warbler: Spring to Fall

 Over the year, I have been fortunate to see several Palm Warblers. They are uncommon around St. John's, so that makes a sighting even more special.
 It was in the woods that run along Stick Pond that offered up this Spring Palm Warbler.
 In breeding plumage its colors were bright and fetching.
 Fast forward to October 6 when I saw this Palm Warbler in the pit at the end of Bus Shelter Trail.
Much of the rufous color is gone and the yellow has dulled tremendously. One constant, though, is the bright yellow under-tail coverts
Against the evergreen and the bare deciduous trees, this bird can look pretty bright. The Palm is a "tail bobber." At this time of the year, it can more readily be seen among the low, seed-producing plants. That is where I found this one.

This bird is running a little behind schedule, as it should soon be well on its way to the SE United States and/or the Caribbean Isles by now.

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