Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow

 After 45 minutes of watching this bird creep through the undergrowth, this is the best shot I could muster. Nevertheless, to me it is gold as I will review it many times in the future.
This was such an interesting bird to watch. It would weave itself through the grass so gently, the blades didn't even wiggle. One minute it would be spotted in one place, and the next it would be six feet away. At one point it scurried up a small trail so fast it was impossible to photograph.

Also playing hard-to-get this morning was this Yellow-breasted Chat that was within inches of us. It hunkered down in the brush and managed to hide its flashing yellow breast. Only when it flew, did I get a look at it.  Quite a busy morning at Cape Spear this morning. Dave Brown also spotted an Indigo Bunting as it flew into our area. Sitting and waiting around out there can produce all sorts of good things.

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