Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Northern Parula #2

 The first bird of the day, yesterday morning, turned out to be yet another Northern Parula!
 There is an area on Cape Spear Road where there have been a number of juncos for over a week. I found the Blackburnian Warbler with them a while back. Knowing where they typically hang out, I drove slowly when approaching the area. Sure enough, juncos flushed.
 I pulled off, got out quietly and began to look around. There sitting in the upper part of a tree was this great Northern Parula having breakfast. How exciting!
I later moved on to Cape Spear and walked the East Coast Trail where I found very little. Before leaving,  I took the back trail descending the wooden stairs. Nothing. Just as I was leaving, I spotted a flash of white in the sunlight. I moved to the tree and sat on a rock. Out popped a Savannah Sparrow. I sat quietly so Shawn F. could move into the area and photograph it. Then, I saw another movement in a far tree. While I was looking there, Shawn spotted this great little Common Redpoll that had just flown into one of the lower trees. Terrific! The appearance of the Savannah led to seeing this bird. It is worth stopping to look at everything that flies these days.

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