Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nice Morning of Birding

 Little birds making big hits was the theme of the day. A dozen birders gathered this morning to try to relocate the White-eyed Vireo found by Ed Hayden and Alison Mews yesterday.
 It was Mary and Madonna who first spied it this morning. The bird stayed in the area for at least 30 minutes giving many birders and opportunity to see it.
 Returning to the same location later in the morning, Les Sweetapple and I caught sight of this Northern Parula. While similar in size, coloring and even wing bars, the Parula stood out by its very different behaviour.
 It appeared smaller, darker in color and flitted continuously for the 30 seconds we had it in view. It was feeding and could not stay put.
 My other warbler of the morning was this immature male Common Yellowthroat found in Shea Heights.
For a long time I have been espying a road that looked very interesting. This morning, I decided to check it out and voila ... a late warbler. I'm just glad I didn't stay too long looking at this one. I might have missed the White-eyed Vireo.

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  1. Wonderful birds for this time of year in NFLD. The White-eyed Vireo is especially rare. Great job.