Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Black-throated Blue Warbler

 While looking for the flock of Snow Buntings I saw fly in at Cape Spear, I found myself up by the old lighthouse. Being that far already, I decided to walk the East Coast Trail.
 I never saw a single bird on the way in, not even a jay. I stayed the course and walked to the end of the tree-lined trail.
 Just as I reached the open area, I saw two Golden-crowned Kinglets fly in the distance. Just happy to see a bird, I stopped and began to use my squeaker to draw them closer to me.
 They came along with about six juncos and a couple of chickadees. At first, I thought this bird was a junco as it was hidden in the trees. Then, I caught sight of the white on the wing and began to pay more attention to it.
 Finally, it came in closer, and it was evident what it was...a Black-throated Blue Warbler. I hadn't seen one in a couple of years, but its markings are so distinct I knew right away what it was! It stayed in the area for about five minutes and gave me an opportunity to see it very well.
Perfectly happy with my morning of birding, I headed home. Of course, I can't help myself...every time I see a junco, I have to stop. This time I was coming down the hill toward the village of Blackhead. I pulled over easily just after the guardrail and caught quite a bit of activity. The truth is...I saw a bird I couldn't identify. I tried to follow it into the woods as all the birds disappeared. No luck. I rushed around to the bus turnaround in Blackhead, hoping to find the flock there. Nothing. Undaunted, I returned to the original spot.
By now the showers were coming hard. I found a Boreal Chickadee, a Golden-crowned Kinglet, a Red-eyed Vireo and then, out of nowhere, in flew this male Black-throated Blue. I couldn't believe my eyes...TWO in one day!

I never relocated the sought-after bird, but was somewhat contented to settle for this great little bird.

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  1. Always enjoy seeing what you've found. Don't think I've ever seen one of those cute little fellows!