Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Capelin are Running!

 A time-honored tradition can't be ignored. I wanted to get some capelin for smoking, drying and frying (outdoors, of course.)
 I really didn't want to take on the evening crowd and parking madness at Middle Cove Beach, so I waited until high tide early the next morning. I live about 7 minutes to Middle Cove. Well, twenty minutes after I left home, I returned with a bucket full of flopping, little fish.
It took longer to clean them up, pat them dry, bag them and brine a few. I am about to go fire up the BBQ to see just how good they are this year.


  1. We had an amazing experience with our children catching, cooking and eating capelin when we camped our way through Newfoundland 20+ years ago.

  2. That must have been a great experience for you. A first-time adventure!

  3. Freeze the capelin in water as they keep longer; up to a year.