Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Perils of Birding

 Took the day to spend outdoors, and had an adventure that could have been a misadventure. The Cape was all fogged in this morning, so I spent some time birding the sides of Blackhead Road on my way out from Cape Spear. I parked below a hill and walked back up to see if I could find the birds I heard as I drove by. All was calm as I was enjoying watching and photographing this female Blackpoll Warbler.
 Then, I heard the sound of hooves on pavement. I looked up and there heading right for me was a good-sized, young moose coming full-on. I had about 5 seconds to make a choice - take cover or take a picture.
 Well, I took cover, best I could. I stepped over the guard rail which you can see is only about knee-high. I figured if it did come after me, at least I could duck down and maybe the rail would take the brunt of the force. It galloped down the road, staring at me as it went by. I think it was travelling too fast to detour toward me.
Once I was sure I was not going to be run over, I got brave enough to lift the camera to fire off a few shots before it reached the bottom of the hill and darted into the woods. No fear? Well, just a little.

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