Friday, June 20, 2014

A Quick Trip to Cape Spear - Not!

 "I'm going to take a quick run to Cape Spear. I won't be long." Five hours later I return home. How does that happen, over and over.
 Well, there is just so much to see and to admire. Start with several icebergs floating off Blackhead, add a pod of whales swimming by, a Spring Azure, a Spear-marked Black Moth, a stunning Pine Grosbeak singing its beautiful song, a feisty American Pipit, and a curious Savannah Sparrow.
 And there you have it! No rare birds, but spectacular all the same.
 Captivated by each vision and sound, it is so easy to lose track of the sands through the hour glass.
 The best thing to do when venturing out birding is to leave your watch at home and stay as long as it takes to savoir each moment.,

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