Sunday, June 29, 2014

Power's Road

 While there was nothing rare on Power's Road yesterday, it was not dull.
Most of the songs have faded away as many species are now gathering food for their young. I only saw one female Redstart among numerous males.
 The surprise was seeing two Rusty Blackbirds at Murray's Pond. I would have thought they, too, would be busy child-rearing.
 Many of the birds were tucked away among the branches and leaves. It takes a little extra effort to see the birds these days.
 There was no mistaking that there are young Wilson's Warblers in the nests now. Every Wilson's I saw had its mouth chock full of protein.
I marvel at  how even with their mouth full, these little birds can continue to catch more. Gotta enjoy every stage of the short time these birds are in our midst.

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