Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh Joy! Oh Joy!

 The time is now! A trip to the woods is no longer flat-black! There are colors and sounds abounding. It's like perusing visual art in surround sound.
 Everywhere, there are little birds popping out, playfully flitting, enjoying a sumptuous meal of flying or creepy-crawly things, and singing at their very best.
 Some even stop for a minute to watch people watching them.
 Every year I experience a whole new depth of enjoyment, because I see and hear so much more. In a way, it is like peeling the layers of an onion. There is just more and more to see. I was really taken by this tan form White-throated Sparrow. It is without doubt the tannest version of this bird I have ever seen in Spring.
 Wilson's Warblers are now everywhere. They sing continuously and readily come out into the open.
 Flycatchers are back. These are among my favorite little birds. This Yellow-bellied Flycatcher on Cochrane Pond Road was typically curious. They often just come out to greet me.
 The buzzy little song of the Black-throated  Green Warbler is unique among warblers. Its song gives its location away every time.
An interesting, immature Red-winged Blackbird appeared at the Gord H. in Portugal Cove South just in time for several of us birders to see it at the end of last month.

There is a mix of the expected and the unexpected out there. It is now going to take a little self-control to not be out there every day; although, the birds are calling loudly.

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