Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cape Spear Kingbird

 As I sit here trying to write this, I am distracted by the fog rolling in and the mist filling the air.
 What bird is hiding out there just waiting to be found? I'm always sure there are lots of good birds tucked away in some of the places we routinely check.
 This proved to be true on Sunday when I took a quick drive out to Cape Spear. I was pleasantly surprised to find this great Eastern Kingbird sitting on a branch just inches away from my car window. I stopped, hoping not to disturb him and watched. He certainly looked in fine form.
It's really funny how sightings happen sometimes. Just the day before, in a group of three birders, we dipped on finding the Eastern Kingbird in Cappahayden. I figured that might be my only chance to see one this year. The Eastern Kingbird is a hit or miss kind of bird. Luckily, I have happened upon one or more in each of my four years of birding....always a treat! So now, do I continue to bemoan the fog or get out there to see what might emerge from it?