Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simply Birding

 Even an uneventful day of birding can bring great joy.
 It seems second nature now for me to peer deep into the brush, scan the sky and listen for the unfamiliar - all in search of the rare bird.
 That kind of preoccupation can sometimes cause me to miss the simple pleasure of watching a common bird going about its business.
Yesterday, I slowed my pace and really soaked in the beauty of each bird.
 I suspect nesting is well underway, now, because several times  little birds came out on their own to watch my every move.
 Often they chipped and flitted around me. These are sure signs of protective behaviour.
 None were so obvious as this pair of Yellow Warblers.
 They double-teamed me and were clearly asking me to leave.
 I took a few moments to get these close-up shots of the female and then moved quickly on my way.
 It's a beautiful day out there, making this the third such day over the last seven. That is a record for this Spring!
Now, the quandary: My yard desperately needs my attention, but I feel this strange magnetic-like pull to just go birding instead.

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