Monday, October 21, 2013

Few Pine Siskins

 Since this is the time of the year when some of the rarest of the rare arrive in Newfoundland, I have been going out regularly to check some of the better and lesser-known haunts of these vagrants. While I have come upon some fairly interesting pockets of bird that look like they should yield some good birds, the best have been Red-eyed Vireo and Baltimore Orioles. Not bad birds, but it is not uncommon birds I am seeking. The winds seems to have sucked up the woodland breeders and whisked them away suddenly. They are just gone! The woods are empty.
The number of finches is also low. I have seen only a few Purple Finch, a few more American Goldfinch, and a few Pine Siskins here and there. There is certainly plenty of food for them this year, but there must be a lot of food along the route as well. While it is nice to have a walk in the brightly-colored woods these days, it is really quite lonely.

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