Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Blue Blue Grosbeak

 When I first saw a Blue Grosbeak in October 2011 in Trepassey, it looked like this. An interesting bird with a definite grosbeak, but where was the blue?
 Last weekend I got a look at the real thing - the grosbeak was actually blue. I only spent about 10 minutes in the area, so my pictures are lacking.
 However, I did get a good look at this bird that appears to be a different species from the one pictured above.
 It was happily playing with two Lark Sparrows in the area of the residence at Cape Race where it has been seen for several days. Seed scattered on the ground  was keeping them happy.
 There is still the possibility a Blue Grosbeak and an Indigo Bunting may show up in or around Blackhead toward the end of this month and the middle of next month. I will be watching.
Keep an eye open for any bird flashing tinges of blue. While we are certainly not inundated with birds in Newfoundland, we do see such an amazing variety of species show up in unusual locations at odd times of the year. It is partially because of this that every bird is valued. And, it is partially because of this that every birding experience is filled with excitement, never knowing what will pop up next.

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