Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Enchanted City

 I just returned from a quick trip downtown and am moved by the vision of fresh-fallen snow that has draped the city. The tree-lined streets framed a white-path where few cars have passed.  I made a conscious choice to not be stressed by my gliding car, but to drink in the scene and tune-in to easy-listening piano playing on the radio.  In no time, the stress of driving was replaced by calm as I marveled at how Nature's coat actually warmed the city.  As I neared home, "Mockingbird Hill" came on the radio, tra-la-la.
My thoughts turned to the growing colony of vagrant warblers who have moved into Kelly's Brook. Yesterday's mild weather provided many flying insects for the hungry little birds. Those insects won't be there today. How are these little birds doing today? When the weather clears today, I plan to drop over with a suet block that may help out.
The newest immigrant to the growing colony of birds in the area is this Cape May Warbler.  Bruce Mactavish told me it is an immature female. Its colors are so dull that I am sure I would not have been able to identify this bird. This is only the second Cape May I have seen, and the other one was much brighter.
Yesterday morning, I drove to Cape Spear in the hopes of seeing some more typical birds in our area for this time of the year: Purple Sandpiper, White-winged Crossbill, Hairy Woodpecker and others. I struck out. I really didn't expect to add two new warblers to my Winter List.
Word came about the Cape May, and I went out again in the hopes of seeing this bird. It was quite active and stayed close in the area, despite the on-lookers. She was eating continuously, enough I hope to get her through the night.

The other addition to my list yesterday was the Black and White Warbler. It has been in the area for a while, but I had been unable to locate it. Yesterday, it showed up three times, and she was not alone. The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher put in a couple of appearances, as well.
To cap it all off, just before I left, the Nashville Warbler blew in and stayed just long enough to allow a good look, and then it was on its way out of the area, twiddly-dee-dee-dee.

Well, no birding for me this morning. It is a perfect day to put up my Christmas Tree and Christmas Village, watch some football and indulge in a little egg-nog and brandy. Let it snow!

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