Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Oriole

 It was late afternoon on December 19 when I received a message that a Baltimore Oriole was visiting a number of feeders on Exerter Ave. Unlike many quick trips to see recently-spotted birds, this one was right there when I arrived.
To my knowledge, this is the first oriole spotted in the city since the small flurry of Baltimore Orioles that stayed in Blackhead for a few days in September.  Truth is, I can never really get enough of these birds.
What a treat to see this one at this time of the year! Despite the darkness of the evening, this bird glowed like a Christmas light, brightly shining.  It ate from almost every type of feeder in the yard, including peanuts, nector, suet and seed cakes. I don't think it has a discerning taste at this point, it just wants to eat well before darkness.
I have passed by the area several times since, but have been unable to get a glimpse of this bird in daylight. Hopefully, it will stay around for a while longer for many to enjoy.

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