Thursday, August 19, 2010

Domestic Chinese Geese

In the same location in Eureka Springs, I found these three Domestic (Chinese) Geese. There is one male (with the bump on its beak) and two females. They were smaller Geese than the Greylag and are pictured here with the Lesser Canada Goose for size comparison.
I have checked the Internet for similar birds. This male goose had quite a bit of orange coloring on the head, neck and breast. I was unable to find an image with this coloring. However, the beak, eye, eye ring, legs, shape and white color indicates that this is a Chinese Goose.

This is my first look at this species. Who knows how they got in this lake? Every bird has a story and I would love to know this one.
This image shows all three types of geese inhabiting these waters. It is a good illustration of size and also shows their familiarity with each other. I imagine they have been here for quite some time.


  1. Along the Ohio River on the No. Kentucky side across from Cincinnati, Oh. is a group of 12 domestic chinese geese that are wild. I started feeding them about 6 years ago and a gentleman who also fed them had been doing so for 20 years at the time. I have watched them be born, grow and die. A few of them have left for unknown reasons. Where they originated from no one knows but they have been a great joy for all who come to the river on either side of the Ohio or Licking rivers. They are quite smart and they know my whistle from either side of the river and respond with making their familiar noises. They cross the the river knowing that I have food for them. I will feed them bread or crackers mostly in the summer but I normally feed them wild bird food that is essential thru the winter months. I even have given them names and they seem to know their own. Most of them will stand close to me and evne step on my feet while feeding them.It's as if they understand and have a bond with me as I speak softly to them. They feed right out of my hands and if they want more and are standing behind me they will poke me gently in the back side to get my attention. Each one has their own personality; some of them can be funny and some of them are more apt to be friendly than others. They bring me great joy and make me realze that there are great thing in the simpler parts of life esp. now that I am a senior citizen.

  2. Thank you for sharing. These are great birds and it sounds like you are looking after them very well.