Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Snagged a Mag

 Just one month ago, I saw my last Magnolia Warbler. This one was on Power's Road in Goulds in the same location it has been since Spring.
 I was taken by how bright it remained, but it is clear its streaking is dulled.
 On Saturday morning, I had a quick walk near home and came upon this terrific immature Magnolia Warbler. There is such a difference between a Spring and a Fall Magnolia, I really had to look closely to make sure it was not something else.
 Luckily, it stayed in the area quite a while as it was looking for breakfast.
 It finally found this little caterpillar and began pulling it from its hiding place.
 Being new at this, it had a little trouble. The caterpillar won this battle and leaped to safety. Poor Magnolia, it couldn't believe its eyes.
 It hopped over to get a better look at the disappearing bug.
It looked and it looked, but couldn't find it again. This bird stayed on that branch for more than a minute trying figure out what just happened. It sure has to refine this skill, or it won't grow big and strong enough to travel south. It was really interesting to watch it try to figure out what to do next.

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