Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Hairy Challenge

 The drumming of this female Hairy Woodpecker echoed throughout Bidgood Park.  Undeterred by the metal plate surrounding the hole on the swallow box, this bird was on a mission.
 It looked like the ideal place for her nighttime roosting.
However, the small hole posed a problem.
Applying every iota of brain power she could, she puzzled over how to make this box her home.
 While she often drummed the metal plate, she spent most of her time trying to extract the wood behind it. She met with some success as she often appeared to have splinters in her beak.
With tremendous power, she pounded and pounded on the inner wall.
 She closely studied the wooden lining from every angle.
Smart or not so smart...that is the question. There was evidence this bird was studying and planning how to penetrate the impenetrable.
Something tells me, she just might figure out a way to beat the barrier. So intent she was on conquering this, she allowed spectators to get within feet of her, and she never flinched.

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