Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Phantom Crane Fly at Bidgood Park

 The Phantom Crane Fly is such an interesting critter. The most consistent sightings I have had of this fly is around the boardwalk at Bidgood Park.
It takes a moment to train the eye to find and follow this insect. They are soooo small and tricky. It is thought that the coloring of this fly is instrumental in its ability to disappear right before you eyes.
Without a camera or high-powered binoculars to enlarge this tiny bug, it is impossible to see it at all. It floats through the air, not appearing to fly at all. It just drifts.
The female is larger than the male and is usually the one at the top of the chain when mating. I continue to marvel at the detail on small insects that we typically never see.

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