Sunday, August 30, 2015

Piping Plover at Cape Spear

 At this time of the year, birding along side the road is often engaging enough. However, an out-of-the blue report from a non-birder spiced things up a lot this morning.
Ethel D. and I had bumped into each other along the road and ended up in Blackhead. We had just hit a good band of birds when an unknown gentleman drove up and asked if I were a birder. He went on to tell me about a small bird running around the parking lot at Cape Spear. He didn't know what it was, but knew he had never seen one before.
Ethel and I rushed to Cape Spear and searched the lot and area but found nothing. Seeing Paul L. later, I told him the story. He headed to Cape Spear. Ethel and I returned to Blackhead.
 It wasn't long before Paul drove up and announced the unknown bird was a Piping Plover. I couldn't believe my ears. We followed Paul back who pointed out this great, friendly little bird picking at the gravel before the parking lot.
 Wow! I was just talking about this species last week, saying I would have to wait until I make it to the west coast before I can see this bird. I guess if you wait long enough they will all come to St. John's. Although, I think this might be the first ever for the Northeast Avalon.

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