Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wigeons of Power's Pond

 On my first visit to Power's Pond in Mount Pearl, I encountered the brightest and best wigeons I have ever seen. These birds showed remarkable color and approach-ability.
 There didn't seem to be as many wigeons in St. John's this year. Perhaps, it was because they found a great home in Mount Pearl.
 Resident walkers regularly feed the ducks and geese in this little pond, and it must be just the right mix. I say that because I have never seen such vibrant color on any wigeons before.
 The morning sun helped to showcase their beauty.
 Now that the area is frozen, it is unclear where these ducks have gone. A walker told me the town relocates the geese to another area when the small pond freezes.
For a while, wigeons were seen at Kent's Pond in the small opening of water. I really don't know if they might still be there. I should check that out.

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