Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What are the chances?

In the first week of December, I got out for a morning of birding. Hitting lots of places, I got plenty of photos. Today, I will share the Cape Spear leg of the trip.

Arriving at the Cape parking lot, as usual, I scanned the waters to see if there was anything that warranted a walk down to the look out.

I spotted one dark bird on the water and headed down. The closer I got, the more obvious it was the bird was an eider. Then, I got a better look with the camera to see it was a female King Eider. What are the changes that a lone dark bird would turn out to be a King Eider. My watching was interrupted by a boatload of hunters who zipped by the point. My bird lifted off, flew behind their boat and flew into the distance. It appeared they never even saw it.

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