Friday, January 16, 2015

Pine Warbler Over Time

 Found on December 5, 2014 by Allison Mews and Lancy Chang at Bowring Park, this Pine Warbler seems to be robust. Despite some extreme temperatures and plenty of snow, it thrives and is becoming more comfortable with on-lookers. As it stands here, knee-deep in shelled sunflower seeds provided by Andrea Dicks, it is obvious it has plenty to eat. It is frisky and alert.
 The first shot in this series and those that follow are taken chronologically since it was found. The first sun-washed photo doesn't show much color, but the bird was pretty pale at that time.
 These shots are not doctored to alter the color in any way, but the camera settings at the time of the shoot no doubt affect the color rendition.

Despite all of the variable, this bird seems to be brightening up with each passing day. If it continues to weather the harsh winter of St. John's, I will keep shooting to see if indeed this bird's yellow breast is brightening up. This bird has won the hearts of many birders who visit it regularly and continue to top up the food supply.

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