Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Plain Sparrow with an Uncommon Song

 The Song Sparrow with its brown and gray markings can often go unnoticed among the more brilliant birds of summer. Yet, there is no mistaking its special song for which it is named.
If not singing, this sparrow can also be easily identified by its dark brown breast patch..
 These birds are often found in shrubs on the edges of marshland. This particular bird was photographed around Quidi Vidi Lake in June. Another area where they are seen regularly is Bidgood's Park in Goulds.
A number of Song Sparrows have over-wintered here in Newfoundland and survived. They must be hardy, because we have had some very difficult winters..These birds eat a variety of fruit and seeds which are readily available year-round. They are also known to gravitate toward backyard feeders in the winter. Summertime brings them additional treats of flies, spiders and worms....yum!

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