Monday, September 1, 2014

Birding Labor Day Morning

 These photos constitute odd or unexpected birds seen this morning. I'm pretty sure the first one is a fall Blackpoll, but I found the beak to be more finch-like. I can't really tell the color of the feet.
 I certainly wasn't expecting this lovely fall Magnolia at Virginia River. Warblers are definitely moving in to the area.
 This one has me stumped! It was a wire sitter, could have easily been mistaken for a robin. The streaking, square tail and pointed beak add up to a total unknown for me. Hope someone can help.
This warbler must be a Wilson's. The tail sure looks like a Wilson's but I have never seen one with such dark coloring on the face and in front of the eye. I checked female Hooded Warbler, but I think the tail discounts that. If this is not a Wilson's, please let me know.

An interesting morning out there. I was also very surprised to see the American Bittern at Virginia Lake.


  1. The first bird looks like a Goldfinch to me. That last bird looks very interesting to me. It was white outer tail feathers, and I would agree the facial pattern is strange for Wilson's...would be rare in your area but have you considered Hooded?

  2. The beak is certainly finch-like on the first one. For sure, it is a Goldfinch. The last one I was hoping for a Hooded Warbler. In fact, there was a male Hooded spotted briefly in the same vicinity as this one. I sorted through lots of pictures of both Hooded and Wilson's. I opted for Wilson's because of the statistical probability. I will ask for some additional help on this one.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a note.