Monday, September 15, 2014

Painted Lady Butterfly - East Coast Trail

 My first Painted Lady Butterfly of the year was seen last week along the East Coast Trail beyond the Cape Spear lighthouse. The lifespan of the Painted Lady Butterfly is only two to four weeks. While I haven't seen many of them here, they are one of the most widespread species of butterfly in the world.
 It made a quick dash in front of me and landed on a rock face where it stayed for a long time.
 I tried to get the underwing shot, but this little one was not cooperating.
 The Painted Lady is also known by the names Cosmopolitan and Thistle Butterfly.
This underwing shot came from my archives. So far, this is the only butterfly I have seen in Newfoundland to have the eyespots. There are four on the hindwing as seen here.

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