Monday, April 7, 2014

Bald Eagle Hocus Pocus

I made a quick run out to Cape Spear one day last week and while I didn't find any rare birds, I did see an unusual sight. (This blogger is not working right again. That is why the text is at the bottom of the post.)

Out of the blue a juvenile Bald Eagle rose up from the deep below. At first it seemed like any other eagle flying by. The photos are in order.

The bird flew inshore with an apparent empty mouth. It turned and flew back toward the ocean right in front of me. All shots were taken in sequence as I followed the bird.
Then, there appeared to be something protruding from its mouth. It looks like a mussel shell. Then, in the next shot the item was gone. I didn't see anything fall. In the last shot, the bird turned and flew back in front of me. This time, its mouth was partially open. Was it holding a shell in its mouth? Why did it take it out? Did it put it back in while in flight? Do eagles eat shellfish? Maybe this youngster was just playing...


  1. Looks like its wing tip to me. Just the angle you seen it that played tricks on you. Nice shots of him!

  2. You may be right. I never saw it that way. Thanks.